Exploring new emerging technologies together.



  • NICCL contracts with a vendor for discounted rates; well under the going rate
  • Consortium pricing opportunities for hardware and software
  • Members pay only for hours used when working with our contracted vendor.  Hours can be “pay as you go” or purchased in advance.
  • Eliminates employee benefits and payroll taxes associated with adding a staff position.


  • Hours are used on “as needed” basis or on a schedule you set
  • Services range from simple repairs to complex consulting


  • Well-trained group of technicians devoting 300 hours per week to consortium issues
  • Knowledge gained from individual project benefits the group
  • Consultation with a “big picture” view of local, state and national objectives.  Provider consults with the State Library and other state and federal agencies to remain in tune with current trends and activities.


  • Members network on technology topics
  • Group meetings are held at least 4 times per year, either in person or virtually.
  • Sponsor workshops, webinars and products demonstrations for members