Exploring new emerging technologies together.

Together, we advance further, faster.

Our products, services, programs, and research help every type of library work smarter, collaborate better, and meet the changing needs of its users.

IT Roundtable
IT Roundtable

Chat with like-minded IT people about what is going on in your library, share something that you heard another library is doing, ask questions of other attendees about some technology issues that have been on your mind, and connect with others throughout the state about anything IT.

Not a member of NICCL? You are invited to come too!


Northern Indiana Computer Consortium for Libraries

The primary mission of NICCL is to join together with other libraries to explore new emerging technologies, seek out best technology practices, obtain technology training, see vendor demonstrations of new technology or services, and negotiate pricing of technology hardware/software purchases and technology support services all for the benefit of the communities that we serve.


Bringing IT and directors from libraries all over Northern Indiana Together.


Discuss and explore new and upcoming technology and its impact in your library.


Meetings are held virtually or in-person at least four times each year.


Our low membership fee means all libraries, big or small, are welcome.

NICCL is an organization for library staff to learn and talk about technology with peers.

All members contribute to and gain knowledge from the group regarding technology literacy for their own organizations and communities.